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Hamilton Pest Control Services

Recent warm weather has enticed cockroaches to become more active in Hamilton and across the Brisbane area.

Recently we conducted a pest control service at a home in Hamilton where cockroaches had started infesting the property inside and out. Despite the fact the home was clean and tidy, these pests had found a home in the yard and had started entering the home.

Fortunately, we were able to locate the nest and treat this to stop the cockroaches with an effective treatment service using our Hamilton Pest Control Services.

Cockroach Control Hamilton

Cockroaches are well known for being found in homes in Hamilton and across Brisbane. There are a number of different species found in Australia that can quickly infest a home or business during the Spring and Summer months.

These pests pose a health risk to people by contaminating the living area of a home, food and causing allergic reactions to people who suffer from asthma or breathing difficulties.

These pests can multiple at a rapid rate so it’s important to have them stopped with a professional pest control service. Retail products from Bunnings and other stores do not have the full toxicity to effectively stop cockroaches and are often expensive to buy.

How do you treat for cockroaches?

When your Technician arrives at your home, they will start by conducting a full inspection of the property to learn where the cockroaches are coming from and the size of the problem.

Often, homeowners are unaware of the size of the issue as these pests can hide unseen. Once located, your Technician will develop the correct treatment method to stop these pests and prevent them from re entering your home.

This will include treatment applied to the nest or harbourage area of the cockroaches, applying a barrier treatment to the perimeter of the home. Treatment will then be applied to the wet areas of the home including the bathroom, toilets, kitchen. If required, we will also apply treatment to bedrooms and living areas.

Our cockroach treatment costs $145.00 and takes one (1) hour to complete. You may also consider having a General Pest service done to stop cockroaches, ants and spiders.

Termite Inspections Hamilton

During this service, our customer asked about termite inspections as they had not had one in a long time.

We advised our customer that a termite inspection should be completed every year to monitor and stop any active termites. Spring is peak season for all pests including termites so now’s the time to arrange an inspection for your peace of mind.

DIY Tips

There are things you can easily do to help reduce the chance of cockroaches and other Spring pests at your home. These include:

  • Ensure garbage is bagged in the household bin.
  • Clean the bin with a hose and disinfectant.
  • Close up any cracks or crevices on windows and doors.
  • Remove uneaten pet foods from bowls.
  • Clean any BBQ’s and remove spill waste.
  • Ensure stored foods are kept in a closed container.

Arrange a pest service in Hamilton

If you’ve noticed cockroaches, ants or any other pest activity around your home, contact us today to arrange an inspection and treatment with our Hamilton Pest Control Services.