Our Most Popular Service

Our most popular service Pest Control Service & Termite Inspection
With over 50 years combined experience servicing Brisbane, Redlands, Ipswich, Logan & Moreton Pest-Nett techs will provide you with safe and effective treatments for pest control services and termite inspections and treatments. Pest-Nett technicians also work to Australian Standards as a minimum with termite inspections and treatments. Below you will find more information on our most popular service.
Call us or book online to schedule our most popular pest control service and have your home treated internally and externally including garden shed, roof void, wall voids using a combination of liquid, powder, gel and silica applications for Cockroaches, Ants and Spiders, with a 12 month free service period on Cockroaches and 6 month free service period for Ants and Spiders.
Where possible Pest-Net techs prefer to use Australian-made products from Sundew Solutions here in Australia. All Pest-Nett technicians are fully licensed and insured.

Want termites with that?

Add to your service a comprehensive termite inspection with a detailed report highlighting any termite issues, conducive conditions and what you can do to reduce the risk of termites invading your home. All Pest-Nett technicians have the latest equipment such as Heat Sensors, Moisture Meters, Radar Tracking and Thermal Cameras for diagnosing termite infestations.
How long does it take to complete a pest control service and termite inspection? Generally you can expect this service to take about two and a half hours, sometimes longer depending on the size of your home, what conducive conditions we find or worst case finding termite activity.
Where do we inspect conducting a termite inspection? Your Pest-Nett technician will usually start their inspection outside inspecting gardens, trees, tree stumps, any areas of high moisture. Then your technician will inspect the house exterior, walls, slab edge, piers, subfloor if you have one looking for any evidence of termites and conducive conditions. From here your Pest-Nett technician will inspect all internal areas of your home using timber sounding devices, moisture meters, heat sensors, a radar device and most importantly a bright torch. Finally your tech will inspect your roof void. Usually the roof void is the only area in the home where we can see the timber frame work.
Previous termite treatments? Most often we can identify if your home has had a previous termite treatment, often we can find evidence of treatment notices, drill holes in concrete or termite bait stations and can advise you if the termite management system is current.
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