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Ants are everywhere so when your Pest-Nett technician arrives at your premises to eradicate your ants firstly they will begin with an inspection of the property and the ID the species of ant they’re dealing with Pest-Nett techs know that ID is critical so that the most suitable products are utilised to control the ant population, knowing weather the ants are sugar feeders or protein feeders will determine what products your Pest-Nett tech applies. Your Pest-Nett tech will most likely use a combination of formulations such as liquids sprays, powders, silica formulations and or baits gel and granular.

Ant control in Brisbane is a common form of pest control, particularly in the Australian summer months.

Of the few thousand ant species that exist in Australia, a small number are considered pests.

Black ants, as well as Coastal Brown ants that develop large nests in and around residences, are of two of the most concern.

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Where do ants live?

Ants live in long-term nests which may be found in the dirt, in wood, under pavers, in wall cavities or roofing gaps.

They may travel significant ranges for food if they consider food to be about. Most species of ant will certainly intend to take it back to its nest.

It’s also common to find ants in the roof space of a home, later accessing rooms in the home.

When are ants most active?

Ants can be discovered active all year around. Typically, ant activity usually increases throughout durations of high humidity. New nests are frequently developed in areas where ants might not have actually been seen before.

Besides their nests, you will certainly most likely locate them crawling in your kitchen area cupboards, in the bathroom, in your wall surfaces, near electrical devices, along paths, as well as anywhere they can locate food or water.

Ant control in the garden may also be required to stop them from entering your home.

Why are ants considered a pest?

Ants are considered pests for a variety of factors. To start with, people take into consideration ants as a hassle. Not only can tracking ants be unsightly but, they can infect food products.

Secondly, they can carry out agonizing attacks, particularly fire ants in Queensland, green ants and the bulldog ant.

Depending on the varieties, ants are capable of triggering damage to wall cavities, electric equipment, as well as in roof gaps. Others varieties create soil nests in and around yards as well as under paved areas.

How do you get rid of ants in your house?

While there are steps you can take to minimise an ant infestation, if an invasion is a serious concern, you will certainly require the help of a specialist for long-lasting ant control.

Ant control methods include regular inspections and treatments, you can keep ants out of your house for good.

Tips for ant control:

  • Tidying up food spills immediately.
  • Eliminating unconsumed animal food.
  • Changing pet feeding locations on a regular basis.
  • Securing splits and also crevices.
  • Cutting down plants as well as trees that are touching the house.

We can provide professional and effective ant pest control across Brisbane.

General FAQ

How do you get rid of ants?

Ants are looking for food and water, they're often found in kitchens and bathrooms. Seal any food that contains sugar in tight containers. Move pet bowls away from the house. Use acidic cleaners like lemon or vinegar on benches - they hate it!

How much is ant pest control?

Our Ant Control Treatment is designed to target ants only around your home, inside and out. The cost for this service is $145 and takes approximately one (1) hour to complete. We will inspect the property to identify the ants nest and apply the treatment to the source to stop them breeding and coming into your home.

Why do ants suddenly appear?

Ants are highly active in the summer, particularly after it rains. Then they seek shelter and food inside homes in large numbers. Continually hot and humid days will drive ants to suddenly appear around a home.

What months do ants come out?

In Australia, ants start coming out from September through the summer months, October, November, December and January

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