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Termite Inspections Spring Pest Control

Spring is the start of the pest peak season in Australia. This is when we see a sharp increase in pest activity around homes and businesses across Brisbane and local surrounding suburbs.

With the change in the weather including warmer temperatures, increased rain and humidity, pests thrive in these conditions, breeding up in high numbers quickly.

Termites are one such pest that is doing just this right now. Controlling and stopping termites is of high importance based on the damage they can cause to a home or business property that will cost you dearly.

Typically, termite damage is not covered under your home buildings policy as it’s deemed the owners responsibility to manage pest control for the building structure. Timber damage caused by termites can run into the tens of thousands, requiring building supports and replacement by a builder.

What’s included in Spring termite inspections?

To avoid termite damage, the simplest way to do so is to get an annual termite inspection by a qualified timber pest company.These technicians are highly qualified and experienced in seeking out active termites in and around a property using technology and traditional methods.

Your technician will visit your home and conduct a thorough inspection of the home internally and externally. Here they will inspect the timbers of the home including skirts, door frames, window frames, wooden floors and wall cavities.

Today, technicians use specialist technology including the Termatrac T31 device that detects moisture and thermal temperature changes inside a wall cavity. This allows the technician to identify termite and pest activity behind the wall without having to remove the gyprock surface.

Traditional devices including a sounding device will be used to tap the timber and listen for changes in the depth of the internal timber. Visual inspections are also done to locate external termite activity in tree stumps, stored timber and fences.

How long does the termite inspection take and cost?

A professional termite inspection will take two (2) hours to complete and costs $230.00. Your technician will take notes and provide you with a full report of the findings and recommendations. Ideally, there are no termites found but if they are, your technician will explain what has been found and where, then recommend treatment methods to stop the termites and later protect the home.

This may include an initial termite treatment of eliminating any present and active termites found. Typically, it will be recommended to install a chemical barrier around the perimeter of the home to stop these pests from re entering the structure. These barriers are further managed and replenished throughout the years.

It’s important to note that other services offered known as a termite check are not adequate in inspecting for termites. These checks typically involve a quick visual inspection around a property and does not include checking timbers and wall cavities, where termites will be. These services are cheap but will not provide your home with the protection it needs.

Book Spring termite inspections

If you’ve noticed termite mudding or are concerned about termites at your home, contact us today to arrange a termite inspection for your peace of mind.