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Call Pest-Nett to put mosquitoes out of business, When your Pest-Nett technician arrives at your premises they will firstly discuss with you the issues you have been experiencing and then conduct an inspection to identify mosquito harbourage areas. All Pest-Nett techs have specialised backpack misting equipment for conducting mosquito control to your yard or business. Pest-Nett technicians will treat areas such as plant foliage, gardens, hedges, fencing, external walls and subfloors if possible where it acts as a deadly mosquito killing zone for weeks to come. You can generally expect on average 6 – 8 weeks for the treatment to last but we have customers that often have 12 weeks residual life with an average reduction in mosquitoes of 90% – 95%. Don’t forget to tell your neighbours as the more properties we can treat in your areas the greater reduction of mosquitoes

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Here are some facts that you might want to know concerning these nasty little insects:

  • They can develop from eggs to grownups in simply six to ten days.
  • They are discovered near to still water, where their larvae feed and also establish.
  • They seem to be drawn in to brilliant colours.
  • Insects will normally bite you at dawn or sunset– or if you’re unfortunate, both. That’s when their internal clocks tell them it’s feeding time.

Signs that mosquitos are present

Mosquitos as well as midges can make life unpleasent. Constantly having to find that high-pitched pest can be a discomfort. And when you’ve located the wrongdoer there always seems to be another one waiting in the wings.

So why is your house or business especially eye-catching to mosquitoes and how can you be sure you can get rid of them with effective mosquito control?

How to identify indicators of mosquitos

  • Mosquitos often make that all too familiar high pitched buzzing sound.
  • Bites are an obvious giveaway, varying from mildly irritating to extremely swollen with swelling. Only the female mosquito attack people, the male will feed off nectar and various other sweet things.
  • The adults are drawn to standing water including water bowls, water trays under plant pots where they lay their eggs.
  • You could spot them walking upside-down on ceilings and also glass surface areas.
  • Mosquitoes travel a long way so if there’s standing water within a mile of your residence it might be the resource of your troubles.
  • Mosquitos could be drawn in to your lawn or shrubbery if it is well watered.

Mosquito control and elimination

Our highly trained pest technicians are professionals in the habits of mosquitos and midges. They can supply the most effective treatments for your pest issue as well as recommendations on exactly how to keep these insects away.

Avoiding Mosquitos

Mozzies are well known in Australia yet that does not mean we like it! There are a few points you can do around your home or business to stop these pesky parasites including a thorough treatment of the area.

Mosquito bites

Mosquito bites are not generally unpleasant, yet the itching that complies with a bite can trigger some pain.

There are straightforward ways you can protect and avoid several of the wellness threats related to mosquito as well as midge bites:

  • In Australia, it is uncommon for mosquitoes or biting insects to transmit disease. The main danger from insect bites is the prospective skin inflammation.
  • Reaction to attacks will vary from person to person. Symptoms they create are simply our immune system’s action to their saliva. Mosquitoes do not really infuse anything into us when they bite.

Self-treatment of bites:

  • Tidy the injury – this is one of the most vital therapy for an insect or midget bite.
  • Use a cool compress – swelling can be minimized quickly after a bite by covering it with a chilly compress such as ice in a fabric (yet never ever hold ice straight on the skin). It might take greater than a week to drop and also may continue to be scratchy for a number of days.
  • Take anti-histamines – irritation and swelling can be eliminated with anti-histamine hanker bites and also hurts. Dental anti-histamine (” hayfever tablets”) can also assist specifically if you have multiple bites.
  • Do not scratch – avoid damaging as this will certainly enhance the impulse and also can cause the bite becoming infected by microorganisms.

Mosquito control for your home or business

If your service has a mosquito problem you’ll want to remove it promptly. It’s not only an annoyance for your staff, however maybe poor for your bottom line.

The last point clients desire is to be attacked on your facilities, as well as it could damage your credibility.

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