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Professional strata pest control is key in managing multiple living spaces in a collective building type.

At Pest-Nett we understand finding an experienced company in body corporate service contractor can be difficult. At Pest-Nett we are regarded as leading experts in the field of body corporate work servicing over 100 community title schemes and are fully accredited with the ABMA Australian Building Management Accreditation and Strata Mastery

Similar to residential homes, this type of pest control covers the same types of general pests as well as termite treatments and inspections.

What are the effects of a pest infestation?

Cockroaches, Ants, Mice, rats, Birds, and numerous other unwanted pests can  create damage in property common areas as well as private lots and thus create health issues and unexpected expenses.

Common consequences frequently consist of:

  • Unwanted expenses for repair services and refurbishment.
  • Possible damage to credibility and also adverse tenant reviews.
  • If there is a pest infestation in among your units, it will certainly interrupt renters as well as produce large costs.
  • Furthermore, your credibility as a landlord might suffer a serious impact and also bring about tenants requiring a minimised lease or leave the property because the commercial property failed to deal with the pest issues.

It is the obligation of residential property and also strata managers to arrange suitable pest preventative treatments and inspections.

What are the areas of your residential property most in danger?

Like any other residential property, pests will certainly be attracted to locations with easy accessibility to food, shelter, and water. This means that both the exterior and interior of your residential or commercial properties are vulnerable to pest intrusions.

For the exterior, pests can locate accessibility via:

  • Holes in roofing structures.
  • Cold joints in the structure.
  • Damaged water pipes as well as air conditioning condensates draining against the structure.

For the inside, pests are regularly discovered in the followings areas:

  • In in between wall surface cavities or when it comes to termites, in the framework of the residence as well as wood floor boards.
  • Kitchens, bathrooms and laundries and also other rooms with moisture issues.
    Fractures and gaps in the walls and also ceilings.
  • In dark areas like the garage with stored good that are rarely disturbed.

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