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Archerfield Pest Control

If you are looking for pest control services in Archerfield, Pest Nett can provide a range of options for residential and commercial properties.

Archerfield is a mixed-use suburb outside Brisbane comprising of residential homes, commercial warehouses and factories, an airport and a speedway.

Like other suburbs, all typical pests thrive in the area throughout the different seasons of the year, causing unhygienic conditions and damage to property.

We have over 40 years combined experience in pest control and local knowledge of the area, what pests are active and when.

As we move into the winter months, we’re seeing a rise in rodent, mice activity around homes and warehouse buildings in the area. These pests are well known for infesting properties, creating a highly unhygienic environment and causing damage to homes and businesses.

Archerfield Pest Control Services

Our residential pest control services include:

  • Ant control.
  • Spider control.
  • Cockroach control.
  • Mosquito control.
  • Rodent control.
  • Termite inspections.
  • Termite treatments.

As mentioned, rodents are highly active so now is the time to protect your home, family and pets from these pests.

We can inspect your home to assess the level of rodent activity and apply services to stop them from entering your home and yard area. This typically includes bait stations, trimming tree branches close to the guttering and roof area.

We will also advise on repairing and closing off any cracks or crevices around the home where rodents can access the internal areas.

It’s important to note that stopping rodents from entering your home is critical as they can not only cause damage to the building but house fires when they chew through electrical cable in the roof and walls. They have also been seen to chew through plastic water pipes in homes.

Typically, this type of damage is not covered under your home buildings insurance policy and can be costly to repair.

Commercial Pest Control Archerfield

We can also provide commercial pest control for businesses in the area. Our technicians are qualified to perform large-scale pest control services in warehouses, factories, storage areas, workshops and offices.

This will include general pest control services similar to residential homes, together with termite inspections, termite treatments and HACCP for food storage and preparation facilities. In addition, we can install bird control measures to protect structures and reduce unhygienic instances around a property.

Rodents are well known for accessing these types of buildings and causing damage to stock, equipment and supplies. We can set up baiting systems to protect your business throughout the winter season.

We can provide HACCP pest control and reporting services to help meet your compliance requirements in food safety and storage. Contact us to arrange an inspection and quote for your facility.

We also provide Strata Pest Control for units and townhouses in Archerfield. This includes general pest control, termite inspections and treatments for the entire site and individual units/homes.

Arrange a pest control service

If you would like to arrange a pest control service for your home or business, contact us today!