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Termite Treatments Brisbane

Termites are one of the most highly active pests in SE Queensland all year round.

These pests have a reputation for causing significant damage to homes and businesses that are costly to repair and are typically not covered under building insurance. Repair costs can easily be in the thousands.

The best way to protect your home is to arrange a termite inspection annually under Australian Standards. Recently we conducted an inspection at a home in Brisbane and found active termites present.

We provided a report to the homeowner with recommendations on how to control the termites at the property. The installation of a termite barrier treatment was selected and we commenced installing this chemical barrier system using Termidor.

What Are Chemical Barriers

Chemical barriers are the most effective way to control and stop termites from entering your home and eating the structural timbers.

The chemicals are applied as aqueous emulsions (oil suspended in water) to a trench dug in the soil around the perimeter of a building.  As the soil is replaced the emulsion is applied so that the chemical is distributed throughout the soil forming a complete barrier.  Termites will not pass through the soil while the chemical remains active and at a minimum concentration level.

Holes may be drilled at specific intervals through concrete paths, tiles or pavers to allow access to the soil beneath.  The insecticide is then injected into the soil both downwards and sideways, forming a chemical barrier beneath covering structures.

Annual inspections are required to monitor the effectiveness of these systems. Re-treatments may be required after five years.

The cost of a termite treatment in Brisbane can vary. This includes an extensive amount of work and the application of the chemical barrier. The cost can be around $3,000 to $5,000 to install the barrier. This is the best insurance you can have to protect your home from termites. As mentioned, repairs can take days to complete and cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Signs Of Termites At Your Property

Finding active termites around your home can be challenging. Common places can include timber fences and air conditioner water waste pipes. Termites will create mudding to reach these areas and set up their home.

A qualified timber pest technician has the skills to know where to look and the tools to locate termites. This includes traditional methods of timber sounding devices and moisture and thermal devices. These tools can locate termites behind walls and in structural timbers in a home.

Termite Inspections

As mentioned above, annual termite inspections are the best way to protect your home or business from these pests.

The inspection costs $230.00 and takes approximately two hours to complete. We will inspect your home inside and out to find any active termites using the tools mentioned. We will provide a thorough report on the inspection together with treatment options should we find active termites.

Termite Treatments Brisbane

Contact us today to arrange a termite inspection or treatment by our qualified team.