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Spider Pest Control Brisbane

At this time of year following recent rain and warmer days, spiders are on the march across Brisbane suburbs.

These pests are often seen outside homes and inside much to our dislike. Unlike other types of pests, they don’t cause a lot of damage to homes but can be off-putting to some people.

Australia is home to a large range of spider species, with some the most dangerous in the world. So, it’s important to identify what type of spiders are active and get control of them before they become a problem.

The team from Pest Nett are highly trained in spider control and have the knowledge to identify and effectively get rid of spiders around your home or business. Our service costs $145 and takes one hour to complete.

Types Of Spiders In Brisbane

As mentioned, there are a high number of different types of spiders living in Brisbane suburbs. Some of the most common types of spiders include the well-known Redback Spider, White Tail Spider and Huntsman Spider. It’s highly likely that you’ve seen these types of spiders around your home at some point. They are on the lookout for food and shelter and a place to live.

Redback Spider

The Redback is often found outside homes. This spider is a cause for concern as it can inflict a nasty bite to people. They can be found around garden areas and on children’s play equipment. Spraying them with insecticide will not get rid of them. A professional pest control service will directly target this type of spider using treatments that are designed to stop them.

If you or a family member is bitten by a Redback, contact 000 immediately. Apply a pressure bandage and keep the person seated and still.

White Tail Spider

The White Tail spider can also inflict a nasty sting like bite to a person. There are common myths that these spiders can cause serious health issues to humans, fortunately, this is not the case as noted by the University of Newcastle. The bite will feel like a bee sting which is painful. Apply first aid similar to the Redback bite, wash the bite, place an ice pack on the bite and monitor the person’s condition. See a doctor if your tetanus shot is not up to date.

Huntsman Spider

You’ve probably encountered one of these large spiders in your home at some stage. They are big spiders and can be very scary looking to some. The good news is that these spiders are not dangerous, just intimidating to look at.

If you’ve seen one, there’s a high chance there are more about. They spend their time eating other small pests such as beetles. They do have a venom but won’t likely move to bite you unless provoked. If bitten, you may feel a mild side effect. Often they will run away from you.

Tips for DIY spider control:

  • Look for webs. The sizes and shape of spider webs can indicate the type species in charge of making it. Observe whether the web is formed like a funnel wheel or messy, twisted looking internet.
  • Not all species of spiders reside in a web. Some live in burrows, while others run around and hide in crevices.
  • Some spiders prefer wetness, so check for indicators of moisture in walls, patches on the wall face or ceiling.
  • Some kinds of spiders are commonly found in storage rooms, wardrobes, cornices and storage areas.
  • Spiders eat other insects such as flies, ants, and moths, along with other crawlers. So a house where there is an abundant supply of various other creatures to feed on is more likely to be also occupied by spiders during the year.

Book Spider Pest Control Brisbane

If you’re concerned about spiders at your home, contact the team at Pest Nett to arrange a spider control service.