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Residential Termites Brisbane

Termites are a well-known pest in SE QLD. They have a serious reputation for being destructive and causing significant damage to a home or business property, often undetected.

White Ants as they are also known, are highly active in South-East Queensland. In the pest control industry, we know that 1 in 4 homes will be subject to termites at some stage.

It’s also important to know that termite damage is typically not covered by your home insurance, so the cost of damage and repairs would have to be met by the homeowner.

In this post, we look at a recent job we conducted in the Brisbane area on residential termites.

Recently a homeowner called us as they were concerned about termite protection for their home. When we arrived on site we found that the termite chemical barrier/zone had expired 20 years ago. So the home had been unprotected for this amount of time.

Maintaining A Chemical Barrier/Zone

With that, we submitted a treatment proposal to install a new termite chemical barrier/zone and a few days later we were onsite to install the treatment using Termidor.

The treatment consisted of a termite inspection of the structure of the home, followed by both drill and injection into concrete areas and trench and injection to soil areas around the perimeter of the home. Upon completion of the treatment, we were able to have the home looking like we were never there.

The Process

The following covers how we apply the chemical to the barrier area around the home:

  • Trench and injection to soil areas of the home.
  • Drilling concrete areas for injection.
  • Injection of Termidor, we use a flow meter for accurate volume injection.
  • The drill holes are then repaired with a concrete mix and once dry the repairs and no longer visible.

Termite Inspections

An annual termite inspection is the most sure-fire way to protect your home from these pests. This is a national standard practice that should be followed just like renewing your insurance policies.

A professional termite inspection will take two (2) hours to complete and costs $230.00. Your technician will take notes and provide you with a full report of the findings and recommendations.

Ideally, there are no termites found but if they are, your technician will explain what has been found and where, then recommend treatment methods to stop the termites and later protect the home.

Today, technicians use specialist technology including the Termatrac T31 device that detects moisture and thermal temperature changes inside a wall cavity. This allows the technician to identify termite and pest activity behind the wall without having to remove the gyprock surface.

Traditional devices including a sounding device will be used to tap the timber and listen for changes in the depth of the internal timber. Visual inspections are also done to locate external termite activity in tree stumps, stored timber and fences.

Book A Termite Inspection Today

If you’re concerned about residential termites or your barrier is out of date, contact us today to arrange an inspection and maintenance of the barrier.