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Pest Prevention Measures For Commercial Sites

For commercial food and beverage processing facilities pest management is critical and must be an important consideration for managers and owners.

Food and beverage processing facilities regularly undergo audits from third parties, part of these audits include pest control or pest management this can be from inspecting premises for pests, signs of pest activity or methods of physical prevention.

In the worst case scenario, premises can be shut down until the pest problem is resolved. At Pest Nett not only do we have the skill to apply chemical safely and effectively creating the results you require for your commercial premises, we also supply detailed reports advising you on what else may be required to pass your audits and prevent pests entering your premises.

With restrictions being lifted by local Government, we are seeing more food facilities reopening after lengthy closures. We are seeing a number of these businesses with a pest problem due to the facility not being used and pests infesting the buildings.

In this post we look at Pest Prevention Measures For Commercial Sites and methods.

HACCP Pest Control

HACCP is the organised technique of assessing and pest threats to a food storage or outlet such as a cafe, restaurant, fast food establishments.

The aim here is to get any pests under control and stopped from re entering the business. This will ensure that the food preparation area is clean and food is not harmed by pests. It also helps protect your business reputation with customers.

HACCP includes the following:

  • Identifying the CCP’s, critical control factors where a pest risk might occur.
  • Consider the limitations to guarantee food safety such as the cooking temperature, cooling down time and food storage temperatures.
  • Develop monitoring procedures including temperature levels.
  • Determine the activities that must be performed to ensure food safety including garbage disposal, cleaning up spills.
  • Develop methods to ensure the pest control methods are working.
  • Setup reporting and record keeping for evidence HACCP is in place and effective.

Food Storage

Similar HACCP pest control methods can be implemented at a food storage facility. These facilities typically contain large amounts of food products, stored in boxes and cooling rooms. These products are ultimately shipped to the mentioned food preparation businesses for use. It’s important that storage facilities maintain the highest levels of food safety to stop any chance of pest infestations.

It is a compliance requirement for both types of businesses to ensure the facilities are regularly checked and managed against pests. As mentioned, failure to do so can result in full closure of the business and high expense of treating large numbers of pests and a thorough deep clean of the facility.

Typical Pests In A Commercial Facility

When we conduct an inspection and treatment of these types of facilities, we commonly see the following pests:

  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Rodents

These pests are well known for seeking out food and beverages and consuming these products at a high level.

Rodents are very concerning as these pests can access a building, damage the building by doings so and go on to damaging stored food, contaminating these products.

This can cause a significant danger to people and costly losses in stock.

Need Advice?

Our team can provide you with professional advice on Pest Prevention Measures For Commercial Sites and HACCP pest control. We can set up reporting and perform effective pest control treatments. Contact us today to arrange an inspection.