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Pest Control Services Brisbane City

Brisbane city is full of business premises, residential units and commercial buildings, shops, cafes and restaurants.

In a big city like Brisbane, pests are very active, seeking out food and shelter in these places. One can become many very quickly with plenty of places for pests to thrive much to our dislike.

The team from Pest Nett are highly experienced in servicing these types of locations and removing pests fast all year round. It’s important to get pests under control before they cause issues for your business and make your home uncomfortable.

In this post we look at the common types of pest control in Brisbane city.

Strata Pest Control

If you live in a strata building, pests can make their way inside via external doorways, car parks and external fittings such as air conditioning pipes and plumbing. Once inside, they can quickly establish themselves in your home.

Our strata pest control service is designed to treat the known areas where pests will attempt to gain access and internal areas of your unit. This will give you 12 months of protection for common pests. We can also conduct a termite inspection of the home as termites can also be a problem in buildings.

HACCP Pest Control

Food service businesses are obligated to perform HACCP pest control on a regular basis as part of their licensing requirements and food safety requirements.

Pests are well known to be lurking outside near garbage disposal areas and making their way inside to kitchen and seating areas. Our HACCP services are specifically designed to prevent pests gaining access to your cafe, restaurant, food court and prevent them from being active in these areas.

We also provide a detailed reporting service for your licensing requirements with the work completed and status of the pest control situation. We can assist you in providing this to councils and food safety regulators as you need.

Office Pest Control

Office buildings have seen their fair share of pest activity over the years. Pests can make their way inside a building and into work areas via many different means.

This can cause a number of problems for office workers and the integrity of the building itself. Pest Nett can provide commercial pest control services for these types of buildings inside and out. This service is designed to create a barrier to stop pests entering and control pests that may already be inside offices and other parts of the building such as storage areas, kitchens and bathrooms.

Government Buildings

We can also provide professional pest control services for Government buildings including schools, hospitals, agency buildings, post offices and many more. Our services can be customised to suit the location and building type. Our team follows strict Covid safe processes and can provide the required reporting of the services completed.

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