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Commercial Pest Control Services Brisbane

There is a vast array of commercial properties across Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs. From warehouses to storage units, shopping centres and schools, they will all require professional commercial pest control at some stage.

In this post, we look at the process of commercial pest control and the benefits of regularly scheduled services.

Commercial Pest Control Services Process

Commercial Pest Management begins with a thorough inspection of your premises, inspecting for pest harbourages, entry points and considering what is at risk and what is the potential risk for infestation.

Our goal is to initially gain control and then move to management and monitoring phase afterwards to gain long term control.

This step will also form part of the reporting process so all findings can be managed.

Maintenance and Ongoing Treatments

Commercial Pest Control requires year-round maintenance to reduce pest populations and advise you on how to reduce conducive conditions, control methods may include chemical or physical exclusion methods.

Pest Nett technicians carry out treatments to Australian Standards and or AEPMA Codes of Practice.

We can assist in setting up a reporting portal for your business where all of the work done is recorded. You will have full access to this system as required.

Types of pests treated

Typically, any of the common pests will be treated in a commercial property. The extent of a pest problem will depend on the type of business and its activities.

Cockroaches are a big offender in storage facilities and around foodservice businesses. They can easily enter and hide on the premises. Garbage will attract these pests so it’s important to ensure a clean and closed environment for this purpose.

Rodents are also well known for accessing properties and quickly multiplying. They can cause significant damage to stock and cause fires by chewing through electrical cable in roofs and walls.

As a result of the recent lockdowns due to COVID 19, we have seen many business owners contact us as they reopen and find these types of pests on-site.

In hotels and motels, bed bugs are well known for causing problems for guests and the hygiene of rooms. We can provide effective bed bug pest control to remove, clean and stop these pests returning. Again protecting your business reputation with customers.

Offices also have their fair share of pests as mentioned. Pests can thrive in an office building in and around kitchens, bathrooms, workspace areas and carparks. Our treatments are effective in controlling these pests in a building for the long term.

What is HACCP pest control?

In addition to environmental pest issues, any food storage and service business must regularly complete HACCP pest control services.

It is a legal and compliance requirement as part of the businesses licensing to ensure the establishment is pest free and safe. It also works to protect your reputation and customer complaints, bad reviews if these pests are spotted in a restaurant or shop.

Need commercial pest control?

Contact Pest Nett to see how we can protect your business premises today.