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Christmas Pest Control Brisbane

Christmas is on it’s way and now is the best time to ensure your home is pest free for your up-coming celebrations.

By treating your home early, this will allow time for the treatment to be done and establish itself at your home. With the continued wet weather and hot days, pests thrive at this time of year and can quickly infest a home or business in high numbers.

Preparing for Christmas with bringing a natural tree into the house, getting decorations out of storage, can bring pests into your home as passengers on these items. Often, they are not seen and can hide away for days on end unknowingly.

The team from Pest Nett have extensive experience and local knowledge of pests across suburbs of Greater Brisbane and know how to remove them.

What type of pests are active at Christmas time?

Most of the typical summer pests are active at this time, including:

Ants – these pests can be found outside and inside homes in large numbers. They will come in search of shelter and food in kitchens, mass in wet areas such as bathrooms. Make sure all food containers are well sealed.

Cockroaches – highly active in the warmer months, mostly seen at night in a home. Can breed quickly and cause health issues for people with asthma. They are very unhygienic and can contaminate your Christmas lunch products.

Spiders – spiders will form webs outside on the home, entertainment areas as well as inside on cornices and in cupboards. Some can be dangerous to humans so it’s important to move them on fast!

Mosquitoes – we all like an outdoor lunch. These pests are well known for ruining that, inflicting bites and making us uncomfortable.

Fleas – these pests can also inflict a nasty bite on a person or pet. They can establish themselves in yards and inside homes in large numbers.

Silverfish – these pests can re appear in Christmas napkins, decorations, stockings and stored goods. They will eat their way through these products, causing damage to the items and other paper based items in the home.

How long will it take to stop pests with a treatment?

Some parts of the initial treatment will be effective immediately if the pests cross over the barrier put in place around the home.

Pests such as German Cockroaches can take several treatments to remove them based on the species of the pest.

Other pests will be well under control within 24-48 hours after the treatment. We will apply a barrier around the perimeter of the home and spot treat internal areas as required such as kitchen, bathroom, laundry and bedrooms as needed.

You might also consider a termite inspection as you may have already seen these pests flying inside your home at night. Alates are swarmers that are attracted to light and access homes via the roof and light fittings in the ceiling. Spraying them will not stop them. Switch off the lights and they will typically return outside.

Arrange Your Christmas Pest Control Brisbane

This can be a busy time of year, so make a booking today to secure your Christmas pest control service and enjoy your celebrations.