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Termites In A Wall Ascot

Recently Pest-Nett were called to attend a termite inspection at a home in Ascot, Brisbane. The owner hadn’t had a termite inspection for some time and was very surprised and upset when with the use of our moisture, heat and radar detection located a large sub-nest in the wall cavity approximately 4meters x 2meters.

termites ascot

How We Treated For Termites

The Pest Nett techs treated the area with a termiticide foam, when the wall cavity is treated the foam expands (similar the way shaving cream expands) in the wall cavity eliminating all termites.

Four weeks later Pest-Nett returned to investigate the success of the treatment and then installed a Termidor Chemical Zone around the perimeter of the home to stop termites entering the home in the future.

The termite treatment around the home required Pest-Nett techs to drill around the perimeter of the home and inject Termidor into the drill holes, upon completion Pest Nett were able to repair the drill holes making it look like the treatment had never been done.

This treatment will last for some years now and require maintenance to refill the treatment zones.

Termite Inspections Ascot

An annual termite inspection is the best way to protect your home from these destructive pests as an Australian standard practice.

It’s important to note this is not a termite check. This inspection is a thorough two hour inspection that investigates the presence of any active termites around your home. The inspection will be conducted inside and outside your home using a range of tools that inspect the interior of the building such as timber sounding devices, moisture meters, heat sensors and radar sensors that can read into wall cavities. Once the internals of the structure are completed your Pest Nett tech will inspect the roof void, the roof void is generally the only part of the structure that we can inspect the framing of the building.

Signs Of Termites

Finding active termites around your home can be concerning. Common places they can be found include timber fences, air conditioner water waste pipes and stored timber. Termites will create mudding to reach these areas and set up their home.

A qualified timber pest technician has the skills to know where to look and the tools to locate termites. This includes traditional methods of timber sounding devices and moisture and thermal devices. These tools can locate termites behind walls and in structural timbers in a home.

Termite Inspections

Annual termite inspections are the best way to protect your home or business from these pests.

The inspection costs $230.00 and takes approximately two hours to complete. We will inspect your home inside and out to find any active termites using the tools mentioned. We will provide a thorough report on the inspection together with treatment options should we find active termites.

Book A Termite Inspection

If you’re concerned about termites in Ascot, contact us today to arrange a termite inspection and treatment management.