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Termite Physical vs Chemical Management System - Parkinson

There is a common misconception that your home is safe from termites if you have a termite physical management system in place such as a mesh or chemically impregnated blanket or plastic.

These systems are designed and installed to force termites to track around these systems or to stop concealed activity or entry points and to expose them visually where you can then call a professional timber pest manager to have them treated.

The most effective way to protect your home is to install a termite chemical zone or termite baiting system around the perimeter of your home. There are many products on the market that can be utilised some more effective than others and with varying life expectancies.

Recently we completed a termite inspection then a barrier installation to home in Parkinson, QLD. We quickly discovered a high level of termite activity around the property and were able to treat the area and further protect the home for the future.

In this post, we look at Termite Physical vs Chemical Management System.

What type of termite barriers are available?

As mentioned, there are a number of effective chemical zones or barriers available to install around a home. These include:

Chemical barriers:

The Termidor product is a very efficient chemical system. These barriers are dug around a home in the soil and the chemical is distributed through the soil forming a barrier. In addition, holes may be drilled into concrete around the building to apply the chemical barrier.

Bait monitors:

We use the Trelona product for these systems. The baits are set up where termites are likely to appear and can alert the homeowner and pest technician to their presence. When discovered, your pest technician will treat the area to stop the termites.

Termite Inspections

It’s well known that 1 in 4 homes in Australia will at some stage be subject to termites. We recommend conducting a termite inspection on an annual basis to check for termite activity and stop them before major damage is done to a home.

Your technician will thoroughly inspect the property inside and out to look for termite activity. This is not a check but a thorough inspection. If termites are discovered, they will advise you and give recommendations on termite treatments and barriers.

It’s important to know that typically home building insurance does not cover damage caused by termites as it’s deemed to be the homeowners responsibility to protect the home. Termites can cause tens of thousands of dollars in timber damage to a home.

It’s also important to know that steel frame homes are also susceptible to termites with timber in the home around doors, windows and floor boards.

Installing a Physical Management System will help ensure your home is protected from these destructive pests all year round.

Pest Nett is an accredited installer of Termidor and Termidor HE chemical management systems and accredited installers of Trelona ATBS Termite Baiting Systems with more than 40 years combined experience.

Contact us for a free consultation on a Termite Physical vs Chemical Management System to see what system is most suitable for your home today!