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Termite Inspections - Why You Need Them

Termites or white ants are a highly active pest in South-East Queensland. They are well known for causing damage to homes and buildings at high expense to owners. In fact, it is known that 1 in 4 homes will experience termite activity at some time.

A termite inspection (not a termite check) is the most important form of protection you can have to ensure your home is protected from these destructive pests all year round.

Recently we performed a termites inspection at a home in Bulimba, Brisbane where the homeowner was concerned about a pest they discovered in a tree stump at the property.

It was a good decision as our team quickly discovered that the pests in question were in fact active termites, nesting in the tree stump.

As a result, we were able to treat the stump to kill-off the termites and then further inspect the home for more termites. A thorough inspection of the home internally and externally was performed with a recommendation of the installation of a termite barrier to stop the local infestation returning form the neighbouring area.

What does a termite inspection include?

Our team of trained experts will carry out a thorough inspection of your home or building

It is recommended that a termite inspection should be carried out annually to ensure that protection barriers are working correctly and there are no active termites around the home.

Upon completion of the inspection, your Technician will provide you with a detailed report and recommendations based on the outcome of your inspection.

It’s important to know that your home insurance policy will not cover damage caused by vermin and termites. Check with your insurer.

What is the cost of a termite inspection?

Our termite inspection costs $230.00 and takes approximately two hours to complete. This duration allows our technicians to effectively check all aspects of your home internally and externally using the latest equipment including movement detection radars and moisture detection tools. This allows the technician to check behind walls without the need to cut gyprock walls.

What happens if you find white ants?

There are a number of effective termite treatment methods that we can install at your home if we find active termites.

This includes:

  • Chemical barriers.
  • Bait monitors.
  • Reticulation systems.

These systems are designed to surround the home and create a barrier to stop termites entering the structure. These are places underground and around the building area.

Your technician will assess these systems as scheduled and replace chemicals and refresh baits as required. An annual inspection will also assess these areas to ensure there is no activity.

You can also include a termite inspection with a general pest treatment at any time. Contact us to arrange a free quote and book your service.

Can I repair termite damage?

Often, termite damage to timber in the structure of a home can be replaced and/or repaired. Once identified, we would recommend speaking with a licensed builder who can assess the damage and quote on the cost to repair.

This may include the replacement of wood, studs in the walls, roof timber and wall gyprock. This will ensure stability of your home for the long term.

Arrange a termite inspection in Bulimba

To arrange a termite inspection for your home, simply contact us today.