Termite Control

Termites and other pests that infest timber can damage your house, causing structural damages that is incredibly costly to fix.

What are termites?

Commonly known as white ants, termites are insects which feed on wood and also a lot of cellulose having products like cardboard, paper, etc.

There are terrific variants in the colour, shape, and also dimension of termites relying on the varieties but they are all characterised by certain resemblances. These pests drop under the order Isoptera and are carefully related to cockroaches on the transformative range.

In spite of their name white ant, they bear no relationship to the household ant , but ruin a number of Australian houses. The secret to decreasing termite-related repair work is to perform annual termite inapections in order to detect troubles early. This alone is why property owners should arrange termite control for the homes and businesses.

Frequently asked termite inquiries:

How big are termite colonies?

Termites are social pests, cohabiting in nests. Some, like the magnetic termite, reside in above-ground mounds. Others, like the Nasutitermes kind, stay right up in trees and telephone poles where they construct arboreal nests. Others, like the Coptotermes varieties, can be located in tree stumps or at the base of trees. Termites may likewise be located concealing in the walls as well as rooves of homes.

Termite swarms can have approximately several million termites. The pests in each colony are split into castes which identify their activities. Termites in the employee caste are in charge of excavating tunnels as well as making sure food supply. Soldiers protect against intruders from damaging the nest, while reproductive termites’ or alates’ major task is to bolster the varieties with a yearly colonising trip. Soldier and also employee termites are not able to duplicate.

Do termites ever rest?

  • Termites are energetic 24/7, 365 days each year.
  • Are termites as well as white ants the very same point?
  • White ant is the typical name for termites of which there are several species. While termite is the correct term, they are often called white ants as a result of their appearance. They appear like ants as well as are a milklike white colour.

What do termites like to eat?

Termites feed on the cellulose that is found in paper and timber-based items. The timber is commonly consumed from the inside, leaving a paper-thin covering outside that appears varicolored or wrinkled and also typically tarnished with places of mud. On homes, termites usually infest ended up hardwoods such as door structures, skirting boards and architraves, subfloor timbers and framework.

Exactly how can we help with your termite problem?

If you are concerned about a termite problem, it is necessary that you have a termite inspection done by an approved specialist, who should provide you with a comprehensive written report as well as a proposition for elimination and future control.

Timber parasite assessments are accomplished based on Australian Typical 4349.3 (2010) and also Australian Standard 4349.0 (2007 ). This hardwood parasite evaluation will certainly then identify the proper termite monitoring system that ought to be implemented on your building.

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