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Pests in Brisbane are well known for causing unsightly mess and damage to properties, particularly in the summer months. This is breeding season so one or two pests like cockroaches or ants can quickly turn into dozens, if not hundreds, making your living space uncomfortable in a unit or townhouse complex situation

Regular strata pest control and pest inspections are a trusted way of ensuring that a complex is pest free and safe for its residents. Strata Managers can have confidence that the property is well maintained and that the residents are happy to continue their lease into the future.

Our team recently conducted a pest control service at a complex with 120 units in Brisbane over the course of several days.

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This is a large complex with residential living and gardens requiring a thorough inspection and professional treatment

Who’s responsible for strata pest control?

Under current legislation and compliance, Body Corporate representatives for the property are responsible for arranging pest control services to be performed.

The pest controller will arrange scheduled inspections and treatments over 12 months and provide a detailed report of the work done and any recommendations or repairs that may be required. Typically, this will be conducted on a quarterly basis or as required.

Body Corporate will advise all residents prior to the treatment being done so they are prepared for the work to be carried out in and around their home.

If you are a tenant at the property and you discover pests in your home, contact your Body Corporate representative to arrange an inspection and treatment as soon as possible. 

You can also arrange your own pest control service for your unit or townhouse. View our prices for pest control in Brisbane page here.

Where do you treat for pests?

We treat the common areas of the property for general pests. These include ants, cockroaches, spiders and we also perform a termite inspection of these areas.

We’ll also inspect potential entry points around windows, doors, cracks, crevices and leaks in the building. Pests are well known for gaining access to a building via these entry points.

The pest control service will treat these areas and create a barrier to stop pests from entering.

Other types of pests that may appear include bed bugs, fleas, rodents, silverfish, possums and snakes. A specialist approach to controlling these types of pests and animals would required for the property.

For tenants who have kept pets at the property, a flea treatment will be required upon vacating the property.

Tips to help reduce pests in a unit complex

Follow these simple tips, you can drastically reduce pests from infesting the complex:

  • Keep food preparation areas in the kitchen cleaned and waste disposed of.
  • Make sure outdoor bin lids fully closed and have them emptied regularly.
  • Ensure the common areas clean and tidy.
  • Maintain garden beds to be away from the external walls of the building and avoid using wood chips that attract termites.

Arrange a Strata Pest Control Service

If you require strata pest control for a property you manage, contact us today to arrange a free quote and book the service. Call 07 3206 6721.