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Rodent Pest Control Brisbane

As we slowly move into the cooler months of the winter season, with that comes a different range of unwanted pests.

Rodents, or rats and mice will start to seek out shelter, food and water in and around residential and commercial properties across Brisbane city and the surrounding suburbs. These pests are well known for being very unhygienic and causing large scale damage to properties, stock and supplies.

If you start seeing signs of rodent activity, droppings, chewed items, it’s critical to contact a professional pest control service to conduct a Rodent Pest Control Brisbane.

The team from Pest Nett Pest Control Brisbane is highly experienced in controlling rodents and protecting your property, family and pets.

Why are Rodents Pests?

Some may think mice are cute creatures and as pets they are. Rodents in the wild however are not. As mentioned, they are unhygienic and can carry and infect people with leptospirosis which can be serious to some.

In addition, they can pose a serious threat to homes. They can access roof spaces and walls to eat electrical cable and wires, This can cause a short and a house fire they may be potentially not covered under home insurance, check your policies PDS today! They can also access cars and chew wires and damage components in a vehicle.

Signs Of Rodents

Good indicators of rat and mice activity includes:

  • Droppings outside and inside.
  • Rub marks – dark, dirty marks on walls and structures.
  • Sounds – you may hear scratching in walls and ceilings.
  • Nests – piles of waste products, leaves, wood, rubbish.
  • Gnawing – chewed items and structures.

Our Rodent Control service costs $145 and takes one hour to complete.

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Types Of Rodents

House mouse

The House Mouse is a species of mice responsible for mouse plagues in Australia. Favouring dry locations, you’ll more than likely discover a House Mouse nesting in roof/ceiling areas, in furniture, wall surfaces and occasionally in the outdoors.

A House Mouse is an omnivore, so they choose eating grains. They will just expand to weigh about 20 grams as well as having a slender body that allows them to travel through tight areas and small holes with ease.

Norway Rat

Additionally referred to as the ‘brownish rat’, ‘water rat’ or ‘drain rat’, the Norway Rat is a mix of multiple rat varieties. This little rodent is the largest out of this pest type, weighing around 450g. They can become hostile when provoked or disturbed. They can live both indoors as well as outdoors, nesting in sewers, around rivers and are known to dig burrows in the ground.

Roof Rat

The smallest rat among the three types, the roof rat, is referred to as the ‘black rat’ and are typically discovered in roof areas. They are a very timid type of rat, but agile and can climb well. Unlike the others, they don’t tunnel, they aren’t strong swimmers and also seldom venture into sewers. These rats also have a really slender body making it simple for them to slide into splits and holes in buildings.

DIY Rodent Control

There are a number of things you can do at home or your business to reduce the likelihood of rodents infestation your property:

  • Keep bins washed regularly with disinfectant or bleach.
  • Don’t store items outside like cardboard boxes near the building.
  • Seal any cracks and crevices on doors and windows.
  • Trim tree branches close to the gutter line of the roof.
  • Empty uneaten pet food from bowls and wash clean.
  • Have commercial external garbage bins removed regularly.

Arrange Rodent Pest Control Brisbane

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