Rodent Pest Control West End


The winter season has its share of pests, most commonly rats and mice. These pests are actively looking for food, water and shelter during the colder months. Unfortunately, that is often our homes and businesses.

These pests are well known for causing significant and dangerous damage to properties including being extremely unhygienic. They have been known to cause house fires by chewing through electrical wires, eating stored foods and producing droppings around a property.

Recently we received a call from a customer in West End who noticed droppings and could hear scratching in the walls of their home at night. These are tell-tale signs of rodent activity.

We attended the property and found signs of active rodents in and around the home. Despite the fact the home was very clean, rodents will still seek out shelter and food. We were able to set up treatment methods to stop and remove the rodents from the home.

Signs of Rodents

If you have seen the following, there’s a good chance you have a rodent problem:

  • Grain like droppings outside the home around entertainment areas, bins, sheds.
  • Hearing scratching sounds in walls and the ceiling.
  • Finding piles of garden materials and garbage items under decks, BBQ areas – this is a nest.
  • Dark greasy rubbing marks in walls.

As mentioned, if you have seen any of these signs, call your pest controller to arrange an inspection and set up treatment methods around your home.

Our Rodent Control service costs $145 and takes one hour to complete.

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It’s also important to know that most home insurance policies do not cover damage caused by rodents. It’s deemed the responsibility of the property owner to safeguard the home against these pests.

How to treat for rodents

There are a number of effective methods used to stop rodents and remove them from your property. These include:

  • Installing a rodent station outside the home – a sealed box containing baits.
  • Applying baits to affected areas such as the ceiling area – the rodent will take the bait and go outside in search of water.
  • Follow the DIY tips below to stop rodents entering your home.

DIY Rat and Mice Control

There are things you can do at home or your business to reduce the presence of rodents around your property:

  • Keep bins washed regularly with disinfectant or bleach.
  • Don’t store items outside like cardboard boxes near the building.
  • Seal any cracks and crevices on doors and windows.
  • Clean up spilled foods quickly.
  • Trim tree branches close to the gutter line of the roof.
  • Empty uneaten pet food from bowls and wash clean.
  • Have commercial garbage bins emptied regularly.
  • Remove piles of garden waste, cardboard from the property.
  • Install gutter guard to stop rodents entering the home from the roof.
  • Trim trees close to the house roof edge.

Arrange Rodent Control West End

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