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Australia is home to many different species of spiders. Some are harmless while some others are the most dangerous in the world.

One of the best-known spiders is the Redback spider. This spider is found all over the country and identifiable by its solid red stripe on its back.

These spiders can be found in dry areas like sheds, gardens, pergola areas. The female is the most dangerous and can inflict a nasty bite.

Recently we performed a redback spider control service at a home in Windsor, Brisbane where the homeowner was concerned by these spiders being active around the home and was of concern to their children who play outside.

Our team inspected the property and found the spiders harborage areas and promptly removed them. We also provide advice on how to DIY spider control around the home, see our tips below.

What to do if bitten by a Redback?

First, don’t panic. Seek assistance in getting an ice pack and compress on the bite. Call 000 for medical assistance. Antivenom may be administered to neutralise the effect of the venom.

How do you control Redback spiders?

Redbacks are different from many other spiders. Spraying chemicals typically will not remove them from a property. Our team will inspect your home and identify where these spiders are living to remove them, webs and any egg sacks.

We will advise if cracks and crevices are found around the home in areas such as doors, windows, roofing and how to repair or fill these spaces to stop the spiders from entering the home living space.

When are Redback spiders most active?

These spiders are nocturnal and hide during the day in dry concealed areas. They consume other insects during spring and summer months.

It’s common to see their webs and moving around outdoor areas during these seasons.

Tips to control Redbacks at your home

You can reduce the likelihood of Redbacks establishing themselves around your home with these simple tips:

  • Dust off webs on outdoor furniture, pergola structures, barbeques with a broom.
  • Remove webs on garden trees and bushes again with a broom.
  • Don’t leave shoes outside on the ground.
  • Pack childrens toys away when not in use.
  • Remove garden waste, leaves, logs from the yard area.
  • Clean out the letterbox.
  • Arrange regular professional pest control services.

About the Redback spider

The Latrodectus hasseltii is a venomous spider located across Australia. The female is the most recognisable with the red stripe on its abdomen and is approximately 1cm in length. The male is smaller at 3-4mm in length. The female can be of a brownish colour as well. The male is light brown in colour and is not as toxic as the female.

Their webs are tangled and look unorganised compared to other spiders and always connects with the ground. 

Book a Redback spider control service

If you’ve noticed these spiders at your home, book a treatment with us online or call us on 07 3206 6721 today.

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