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Rat and Mice Pest Control

With winter just around the corner, it’s time to prepare for winter pests.

Winter sees high activity with rats and mice. These pests come looking for food and shelter and a place to create a nest and breed. One can become dozens quickly without you even knowing they’re there until you see and hear signs of them around your home or business.

Rodents are highly unhygienic and can cause significant damage to a home. They are well known for chewing through plumbing water pipes, gyprock walls and electrical wires. This can cause flooding and worse off a house fire with a short circuit. This also may not be covered under your home buildings insurance policy, check the exclusions with your insurer’s PDS.

If you come into contact with droppings and breath in particles you may be susceptible to salmonellosis causing severe illness with some people.

Pest Nett can provide professional and effective rat and mice control for residential homes and businesses across Greater Brisbane.

Our Rat and Mice control service costs $145 and takes one hour to complete.

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Signs you have rats and mice

Tell tale signs of rat and mice activity are:

  • Droppings outside on the ground.
  • Dark coloured greasy rub marks on the building or items outside.
  • Sounds – scratching noises in walls and the ceiling space.
  • Nests – discovering piles of leaves and garbage items.
  • Gnawing marks – damaged parts of the home, pipes, outdoor furniture.

Treating Rats and Mice

There are a number of methods both chemical and physical that we can use to control rats and mice.

A bait station can be placed in particular areas outside of the home that contains rat bait. These pests will enter the station and consume the bait, then go away to look for water. Shortly after the pest will die.

We will recommend environmental changes to the home or business property as well. This typically includes maintaining tree growth near to the building, trimming branches that act like a bridge to the home.

Removal of garden waste, garbage items, stored items near the home. Rats will use this to create a nest near the house. Keepin lawns mowed short also helps discourage these pests from making your home theirs.

If you discover a dead rat, dispose of it using gloves and a plastic bag into the garbage.

DIY Rat and Mice Control

There are a number of things you can do at home or your business to reduce the likelihood of rats and mice infesting your property:

  • Keep outside bins washed and cleaned regularly with disinfectant or bleach.
  • Don’t store items outside like cardboard boxes near the home.
  • Seal cracks and crevices around doors and windows.
  • Trim tree branches that are close to the gutter of the roof.
  • Remove uneaten pet food from bowls and them wash clean.
  • Have commercial external garbage bins emptied regularly.

Arrange Rat and Mice Pest Control Brisbane

If you have a rat or mice problem, contact us today or book online to arrange a services asap.