Pubs are an Australian go to for people looking for an enjoyable time out with friends and family.

Most pubs provide drinks and food services so it’s important to make sure the establishment is completely pest free to maintain your reputation and licensing requirements.

Pests are attracted to food service businesses in search of a food supply and shelter. Stored foods and waste areas are a target for pests like rodents, ants and cockroaches.

Pest Nett are licensed and qualified to perform pest control services and set up your HACCP reporting requirements. Under food safety laws, you’re required to maintain a pest free environment and report on what and when it’s been done.

We will also set up ongoing monitoring solutions to make sure your pub is completely pest free all year round.

How Can Pest-Nett Help?

Pest-Nett pride ourselves on customer service and by initially assessing your specific situation we can determine how pests are getting in and invading your premises, remember we know their secrets.

From here we can implement a pest management system that suits your specific site, what’s required, what products do we have to utilize, where are pests harbouring, service frequency, reporting, its here we get dirty.

You’re not on your own now, from here with a service contract we are with you all the way, you’ll have a free service period should pests return so will we and we’ll schedule your next service at a day and time that suits you.

To arrange an inspection, contact us today and get started on protecting your pub from pests.