Pest Control Woolloongabba


Pest Nett provides professional and efficient pest control services in Woolloongabba. This time of year is well known for an increase in pest activity in homes, units and businesses in the area.

Woolloongabba is home to some of the best restaurants, cafes and sporting facilities in the country. Together with hundreds of homes, apartments that pests are eager to access!

The good news is, with our local knowledge, we know what pests are active and how to get rid of them fast! We have more than 40 years combined experience in pest control, so we know to do pest control while keeping you, your family and pets safe.

You can book online 24/7 and we’ll arrange a pest control service day and time that suits you.

Pest Nett’s pest control services include:

  • Cockroach control.
  • Ant control.
  • Spider control.
  • Rodent control.
  • Mosquito control.
  • Termite Inspections
  • Termite Treatments.
  • Commercial pest control.
  • HACCP management.

Cockroach control is a very common intervention carried out by Pest Nett. This pest is mostly active at night and is most commonly found in bathrooms, kitchens and storage rooms.

Cockroaches are typically found in a place where people live, because we create good living conditions for them. Cockroach control done routinely and can greatly reduce or eliminate their presence in your home.

These pests are also well known for spreading disease and can be a health risk to those who suffer from asthma, so it’s important to get rid of them as soon as possible.

We also provide a package service to remove ants, cockroaches and spiders together at one time. It’s common for these three pests to be highly active at the same time, infesting homes and businesses across Brisbane.

Pest Nett can service the following spaces:

  •  Private apartments.
  •  Strata buildings.
  •  Catering facilities.
  •  Hotels.
  •  Commercial storage facilities.
  •  Industrial facilities.
  •  Schools.
  •  Health facilities.
  •  Public transport facilities.

We can also provide professional termite inspections and treatments. These destructive pests are well known for inflicting large-scale damage to property. Typically, damage caused by these pests is not covered under home insurance. Prevention is always better than a cure in this instance.

It’s recommended that a termite inspection is conducted annually under Australian standards to protect your home. To arrange an inspection, contact us today.

The price of pest control Woolloongabba depends on the type of pest issue and the property to be treated.  Contact Pest Nett for an accurate quote today.

Other Pest Control Services

We also provide other commercial pest control services for businesses across Woolloongabba and the Brisbane area.

This includes:

  • Commercial pest control.
  • HACCP pest control and management – cafes, restaurants, food storage.
  • Strata pest control.

We can provide advice and assistance with compliance reporting systems and submissions to authorities.

Arrange Your Pest Control Service

Pest Nett has 40 years of combined experience and a large number of satisfied customers – this is the best guarantee that your every pest problem will be solved efficiently.

Most importantly, Pest Nett is fully licensed with QBCC, AEPMA and Timber Pest Licensing.To book your Woolloongabba pest control service, book online or call us on 3206 6721.