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Pest Control Services Mount Cotton

Mount Cotton is a growing suburb with acreage properties and farm areas. It’s close proximity to Brisbane makes it an ideal place to live with a family.

The area is also home to a range of pests including ants, cockroaches, spiders and rodents to name a few. These pests are always looking for shelter and food in and around homes much to the dislike of homeowners.

The good news is that Pest Nett are your local pest control company based in Cornubia and have more than 40 years of experience and local knowledge of Pest Control Services Mount Cotton.

Recently, we completed a pest control service at a home in Mount Cotton where our customer was faced with a large number of cockroaches and rodents in and around their home and shed.

We were able to locate the source of the cockroach problem and apply treatment to stop them multiplying and accessing the home.

We set up rodent stations around the property buildings to bait and stop rodents causing further damage to the structures and leaving an unhygienic mess.

Our customer has told us that they are not seeing any more cockroaches and it looks like the rodents have stopped as well.

Cockroach Control

These pests are well known for creating an unsightly mess and causing issues for peoples health.

They can quickly establish themselves in and around homes, contaminating stored foods, leaving toxic droppings about and harming people with asthma.

They are very unhygienic pests so it’s important to act fast and stop them.

A cockroach treatment will cover the external areas such as cracks and crevices around the home and internal areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms as required.

This will provide 12 months of protection.

Rodent Control

As mentioned, rodents can become a big problem for home and property owners.

They are also unhygienic and can cause significant damage to a home by chewing through gyprock walls and chewing on electrical cables behind walls and in the roof void. This is of major concern as rodents have been known to cause house fires by doing so.

In addition, they have been found to chew through plastic water pipes and cause flooding in the roof and walls. Older homes may be immune to this as they typically have copper pipes.

You can identify rodent activity by hearing sounds in the wall or ceiling space, scratching, running. As soon as you hear this, it’s a good time to contact your pest controller to come and stop the rodents quickly.

Rodents have also been found in cars in the engine bay and inside the vehicle, chewing on wires. This can be very expensive to repair and is typically not covered under car insurance.

Other pests like ants, spiders and termites should also be checked and monitored for complete peace of mind.

Arrange Pest Control Services

To arrange pest control services Mount Cotton, contact us today or book on our website any time.