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Pest Control In Brisbane With Restrictions Easing

Back in March, we did a post on pest control in lockdown as a result of Covid 19. Now’s the time to look at Pest Control In Brisbane with restrictions easing and being slowly lifted, we thought it would be important to review the pest control services that will be required to help business owners reopen without delays. It’s also a reminder for Homeowners in residential areas and city apartments that we can help with effective pest control during these times.

Over the past weeks and months, we have seen an increase in certain types of pests that have infested businesses that have had their doors shut and homes across the Brisbane area.

In this post, we will look at the top pests to be removed and why.

Pest control for cafes and restaurants

Food service businesses like cafes and restaurants are required by law to be clean and pest free as part of the licensing and HACCP requirements.

During the lockdowns, pests such as cockroaches, ants and rodents (rats and mice) have entered these businesses and infested them in large numbers. These pests access buildings via cracks and gaps in doors, windows and the buildings structure.

Once inside, they multiply in high numbers and make it unhygienic and damage stock and the customer space quite badly. As a result, this must be fully cleaned and treated before reopening. We do know that food inspectors will be checking that these businesses are compliant.

Our team is fully qualified to perform HACCP pest control services and reporting for cafes and restaurants and available now to avoid delays

Pest control for shops 

Shops located on the street or within centres like Westfield have also seen an increase in pest activity as there is no one there working or shopping there.

Just like cafes and restaurants, we have seen cockroaches, ants and rodents accessing these businesses, causing damage and an unhygienic shop.

These pests access shops in similar ways and quickly establish themselves is in high numbers. In some cases, damaging stock, clothing, appliances and other items at cost to the owner.

Quick action will help clean up the mess and allow you to reopen sooner.

Pest control for Brisbane homes 

Residential homes and apartments also, unfortunately, can experience infestations of these types of pests too.

It’s important to control these pests as quickly as possible to protect your home, family and pets. We have seen instances where cockroaches and ants are feasting on stored food in homes. Cockroaches are well known to be unhygienic and can also cause health problems for those that suffer from asthma. Some ants can inflict a painful bite on an unwitting victim. Rats have also been found in and around homes, looking for food and shelter.

Our team are trained to find the source of the pest problem and quickly shut it down and stop them from returning for 12 months.

The price of the best control will be determined based on the type of pests and size all the infestation. You can see all our pest control prices here. We offer an affordable service that’s guaranteed.

Arrange a pest control service

To arrange Pest Control In Brisbane With Restrictions Easing You can do so by visiting our website and using the Online booking system on the Home page. Our friendly team will help arrange a time and day that suits you and answer any questions you might have. You can also simply call us on 3206 6721.

We are here to answer any questions or concerns about pest control post lockdown that you may have at this difficult time in order to give you peace of mind and certainty that your home is fully protected for the months to come.

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