Pest Control Fortitude Valley

With the Government moving to relax restrictions for businesses in Fortitude Valley, now’s the time to arrange a pest control service.

Many cafe’s, restaurants and retail stores have been closed for weeks. This allows pests to gain access without you knowing and infest the business premises. One can become thousands very quickly and cost you financially.

Importantly, all food preparation businesses must ensure they are HACCP compliant and pest-free before they commence serving food again. We know that food inspectors will be checking cafe’s, restaurants across Fortitude Valley during this start-up phase. We can ensure that your business fully protected and ready to open.

Pest Nett provides professional and effective pest control Fortitude Valley services for residential homes and businesses in the area.

Our team has the local knowledge of what pests are active now and where they are located on your property or business.

The team from Pest Nett has a combined experience of over 40 years and fully qualified to perform general pest treatments, termite inspections and commercial pest control.

You can book a service online at any time of the day or night and we will arrange to come to your home or business as soon as possible.

Pest control services include:

  • Ant control.
  • Spider control.
  • Cockroach control.
  • HACCP pest control.
  • Rodent control.
  • Termite inspections.
  • Commercial pest control.
  • Strata pest control.

Businesses in Fortitude Valley consist of many retail outlets, storefronts and restaurants. We understand how to control and stop pests in the older style buildings that may not have been maintained for various reasons. These buildings can suffer cracks, crevices, gaps that pests can easily access in high numbers.

As mentioned, owners are obliged to perform HACCP pest control and reporting for compliance and licensing purposes. This includes kitchens, food storage areas and outdoor garbage disposal areas. We can also assist with HACCP Reporting to help meet your compliance requirements effectively and on schedule.

Prevention is the best medicine with effective pest control solutions that are guaranteed to work and save you money and downtime.

Pest control can be done by

  • Targeted chemical treatments.
  • Environmental changes to the building area – internal and external.
  • Chemical-free, environmentally friendly methods.

The method chosen depends on the active pests and their numbers in and around a property. We recommend carrying out pest control at least annually for homes, businesses and public facilities such as hospitals and food preparation facilities.

Contact Pest Nett for Pest Control Fortitude Valley Services for a more efficient service. Our services are fully guaranteed and you can book online or call for a time that suits you.

The price of pest control in Fortitude Valley will depend on the type of property and pest issues at hand. To obtain a free quote,  contact us for a free quote today.

We also offer qualified termite (white ant) inspections and termite treatments. Under Australian Standards, it is recommended that a termite inspection is done once a year to protect your home. These destructive pests are well known for causing extensive damage that costs thousands of dollars to repair. It’s important to know that your home insurance typically does not cover this type of damage. So an inspection is the best form of protection for your home.

Pest Nett has over 40 years of combined experience and is fully licensed with the QBCC and AEPMA. For all the details and information on pest control of your home or business, call Pest Nett for the best pest control in Fortitude Valley.