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HomeBuilder and Pest Control in Brisbane

Yesterday, 4 June, the Australian Government announced the HomeBuilder stimulus package to help the construction industry post the Covid 19 pandemic.

The package provides $25,000 toward new home builds or renovations on an existing home. This is paid toward a new home build up to $750,000 or home renovations from $150,000 to $750,000. All construction must be completed by a licensed builder and can not be a DIY project.

It’s important to include pest control in new home construction and renovations to help protect the property for the long term. Often, this is overlooked and can later cost thousands of dollars in damage to a home.

New Homes Pest Control

A pre-construction termite protection system is an important part of the overall construction process of a new home.

These systems are designed to to deter termites from entering the home and reduce the risk of a termite attack. In addition, you can discuss with your builder the use of termite resistant structural materials such as steel frames for the home.

There are several options that can be installed at the property including:

  • Chemical systems

These systems include a reticulation system as part of the slab stoppin termites accessing small areas around the home. These chemicals have a limited lifespan and will require regular maintenance or retreating by a licensed pest control technician as part of a regular inspection.

  • Physical systems

These systems were traditionally used for a home that is built on stumps. Ant caps were placed on top of the stumps beneath the home. These caps do not stop termites accessing a home but force them to move into other areas and become visible. An exposed slab edge is typically installed in these situations.

  • Graded Stone

These systems incorporate high quality granite particles that are placed under the entire concrete slab area, around the base of stumps. A combination of chemical and physical systems may be used. These particles make it very difficult for termites to find a path through and can not be eaten.

  • Stainless steel mesh

This system uses a finely woven, high grade stainless steel mesh and can be placed on stumps and under the concrete slab or around the perimeter of the building area. This area may still require the use of a chemical system in conjunction with the physical component.

  • Concrete slab barrier

These systems dramatically reduce the likelihood of cracking and allowing termites to enter a property. The slab must be built to Australian standards AS 2870- 2011 Residential Slabs and Footings Construction and AS 3600.1 – 2014. The exposed slab can also force termites out into the open where they can be found during an inspection and treated.

For detailed information, visit the QBCC page here.

Home Renovations Pest Control

When you start renovating a home, this typically involves the removal of existing structures within the home such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Often you will find pests hiding beneath these structures in harbourage and in high numbers. These pests come and go from this place into the home, seeking food and continue breeding.

This is a good opportunity to remove pests such as ants, cockroaches, spiders from these areas and set up barriers to stop them from returning after the renovations are completed.

As part of the renovations construction schedule, arrange a pest control inspection to help protect the new work done.

Arrange a free quote

If you’re considering building a new home now or renovations of your existing home, contact us today to arrange a quote and an inspection. We can work with your builder during the construction phases as well.

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