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Bird Spikes Pest Control Brisbane

Some types of birds can cause problems for home and business owners across Brisbane. Native birds like cockatoos, kookaburras typically are not a problem. Other types of birds such as pigeons can cause damage and make a home unhygienic for families and pets.

Recently, we completed a bird spike job at a two-storey home in Hamilton where pigeons were landing on window sills, damaging flyscreens and pooping on the sills, external walls and the ground below. A neighbour was feeding these birds that then landed on this home. This had caused the need to arrange to have the screens repaired, and an unsightly mess. The bird poop waste was building up on the house and the owner was concerned their new pet dog would touch the waste on the concrete below. This is very toxic to humans and pets.

We attended the home and were able to have the area cleaned off with disinfectants. We then installed bird spikes to the window sills where the birds were active. Our customer has since advised no birds have returned to the windows and the space remains clean.

How do bird spikes work?

Bird spikes are seated on a plastic or metal base. There are a series of spikes angled in three ways. This covers the area where the bird spikes will be fitted to a window sill. The spikes make it impossible for birds to land on the sill as the spikes are sharp, therefore protecting the sill area. The spikes don’t harm the birds but deters them from landing comfortably.

This forces the birds to relocate to a new perching area. Once installed, it’s important to monitor the birds activity around the home in case they attempt to move to other window sills on the home. If they do, we can return to fit additional bird spikes to the window sills.

Bird spikes can also be installed on roof tops along guttering lines and near solar panels. On commercial buildings it’s common to have bird spikes installed on window edges, roof edges, structural areas such as arches, passageways and air conditioning fittings.

As mentioned, this will stop birds landing and defacing the area and also creating nests on these areas of a property.

How to stop birds being attracted to your home

Native Australian birds are popular with homeowners. Nuisance birds like pigeons and myna birds are not native to Australia and should not be encouraged to settle around a home.

  • Avoid feeding these birds with bread or grains so they go elsewhere for food.
  • Trim tree branches close to the home structure.
  • Fit bird spikes if you notice these birds landing on your home building.

Breathing dust or water particles contaminated by bird droppings can lead to several harmful diseases including psittacosis and salmonella. If you have been exposed to this, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Arrange bird spikes pest control

If you’re concerned about birds at your home, contact us today to install bird spikes.